Fire Alam Control Panel
Fire Alam Control Panel

15 Dec, 2014

Power specification

Mains supply voltage      110VAC or 240VACInternal power supply      27.2VDC

Total output current limited      [email protected] 240VAC
Main supply monitor for fault     yes
Battery protection for low voltage   yesBatteries (default configuration)   12V2AH*2

Number of circuit       4-16 4-32

Line fault monitor for open circuit    yesLine fault monitor for short circuit    yes

Line fault monitor for detector     Yes, if End of Line Monitor Unit fitted in place of End of          Line Resistor

End of Line device       6.8k ©,5% tolerance, 0.25W (colour code-e,grey,red,gold)

Detector continuity diodes     Silicon 1N4001 or Schottky type (required if End of Line            Monitor Unit fitted to give
 Detector Removal Fault)
Call point resistor value      470 to 680 ©, 0.225 or 0.5 watt
       Maximum number of     20 (based on a total detect